topsoil, kelowna

Excellent soil below a new lawn or for shaping flower beds. A sandy loam mixture free of clay. Screened to 7/16″

amended soil, kelowna

Higher organic and sand content then our regular topsoil, screened to 3/8″ and excellent for enriching existing gardens, topdressing lawns, or establishing new plantings.

garden soil, kelowna

Our highest organic content soil, excellent for starting a vegetable garden. Also great for giving a boost to tired plantings and lawns. Screened to 3/8″.

mulch, kelowna

The common mulch you’ll see around town, produced by the City of Kelowna. A mixture of black coarse and fine wood chips used for covering flower beds, suppressing weeds, and providing organics back into the soil.

glengro, mulch, kelowna

Another City of Kelowna product without the biosolids. A mixture of brown coarse and fine wood chips also excellent for covering flower beds and putting life back into your soil.

fir, mulch, kelowna

Excellent smell when working with red fir mulch. Provides a different look and texture then the two common options above. Very coarse and long lasting.

From one yard to one thousand yards…we have you covered. Prices will range on how much material you require and where you’re located but with the most diverse fleet of delivery trucks in town we can often provide same day service.

sand, kelowna

Excellent to reclaim your beach, fill a sand box, or bed pipe this sand is beautiful to work with. Screened at 3/8″ minus

asphalt, kelowna

Recycled asphalt packs like crushed rock without the dust. An excellent product to line a rural roadway or compact around an outdoor workspace.

crush, kelowna

If prepping for a new garage, driveway, or sidewalk this is the material of choice to provide a compact base. For best compaction use a tamper and water. If looking to use as a gravel pathway see: 3/8″ crusher chips.

rock, kelowna

The granite colours really stand out more then any other rock. Very strong rock, great for stone mulch, drainage, or for construction aggregate. Available in 1″ or 2″ size

crusher chip, kelowna

Gravel pathways, driveways, or for top coating a backfill this material is a fine crush easy to work

kelowna, fill

Backfilling a house, building roadways, filling holes, or replacing unsuitable material with structural fill. We have all options available at various prices

kelowna, cobble

Dry river beds, drainage pits, or large rock mulch this rock offers a great variety of colours and sizes